Miracle Morning 2024

It's a tradition that every January, every year since 2018, I set myself the goal of rereading the Miracle Morning book and making adjustments based on what I accomplished the previous year.

The 2023 assessment is simple and straightforward: I hardly did the miracle morning throughout the year. For several reasons, the main one being that I slept poorly. So, it was difficult to wake up early and in good condition to do my miracle morning.

One thing changed everything at the beginning of this year: I finally received my new bed. It was time to invest in good equipment to care for one, if not the most critical aspect of health: sleep.

I'm thrilled; I sleep much better, I no longer have back pain, and being in bed becomes pleasant again and no longer a chore. There is no comparison possible with the old one.

As a result, I finally resumed the miracle morning. I wake up every day (including weekends) from 6 to 7 in the morning (rarely before 6 a.m.). Not only have I resumed, but I have also developed a new waking procedure, allowing me to make this moment as painless as possible. The goal is to minimize the time between the alarm going off and actually getting up while completing various tasks that can be done in bed.

Right after getting up:

The procedure is simple: do and check each task in this specific order. I've added checkboxes so you can check if you want to try it at home (this article displays appropriately on mobile).

Tasks marked with (T) represent habits I follow and, therefore, must check on my Tokeeen habit tracker.

By going quickly, you can do all this in 20 minutes; the standard duration is over 30 minutes, and taking a little more time, 40 minutes.

In short, I am delighted with this new ritual, and I already see the results: I have more time and feel fitter and more motivated to tackle the day. I am also more efficient at work, all positive! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒ

It's the situation where you ask yourself how I could have stopped! πŸ€”